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A marketplace for surplus food.

A goodie bag full of delicious discounted food
We connect people to local shops' perfectly good unsold food at discounted prices for pickup. 
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How it works

Shops list their

perfectly good unsold food as "goodie bags" 

Our goodie baggers  purchase it on our platform at 50% cheaper for pickup

We all reduce food waste and contribute to a greener planet

40% of all food produced in the United States gets wasted. Between restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores, 100-150 billion pounds of food is wasted every year before reaching a consumer. What's worse, experts believe food waste is the number one reason for climate change. Food is being wasted, people are lacking affordable options, and our planet is dying. This is why we created Goodie Bag.

Every second, 52 tons of food is thrown out. That’s equivalent to the weight of an adult humpback whale! 

The problem at hand

Become a partner 

Salvage revenue, reach
new customers, and reduce food waste.

Get the app

Browse quality local food at 50% OFF or more. Start goodie baggin' today.

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