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Hi, we're Goodie Bag

It’s not rocket science to know that college students are on a budget, and between rent, tuition, wifi, textbooks, and transportation, food doesn’t always make the cut. Hence the “ramen diet”. One in three college students in America are considered food insecure, meaning they lack consistent access to quality food. Meanwhile food waste is the #1 material found in our landfills. Restaurants alone waste 22-33 billion pounds of food each year in the United States. So we are wasting food while our planet is suffering and people are hungry. This is why Goodie Bag was created . 

Our mission

We work hard to provide value to both sides of our marketplace.


Our mobile app allows customers to discover and relish a spectrum of high-quality, budget-friendly food choices.

Partnering shops activate a new customer demographic, and salvage revenue on otherwise sunk costs. 

The best thing about it all? Both parties ignite a meaningful contribution to the environment. 

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Our Story

Goodie Bag Barchetta-10 (3).jpg

Eddy and Luke with Jesse Jensen, owner of Barchetta Pizza.

While attending CU Boulder, recent graduates Eddy Connors and Luke Siegert noticed the lack of affordable food options in the surrounding community. In the summer of 2022 they had the opportunity to attend the Silicon Flatirons Startup Summer Program, a ten-week intensive course that teaches the basics of building a business where they ideated a business to combat food waste and insecurity - A marketplace platform that connects local shops’ perfectly good unsold food to customers at a discounted price for pickup. 


After winning Silicon Flatirons, the duo created a modest first iteration of the platform and launched it in January of 2023 at the local pizzeria Luke worked at, Barchetta. With one partner and a couple hundred customers, they saw immediate traction. Barchetta was listing their surplus lunch slices as “goodie bags” and sure enough, hungry community members were buying them. 


Goodie Bag has since grown to service 30 shops between Boulder and Fort Collins, where over 2,500 meals have been diverted from the landfill and redirected to 700+ “goodie baggers”.

Our Team

As recent University of Colorado graduates and a professor, the team is uniquely positioned to service our customers and partners. 

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Briana Boehmer

Luke Siegert

Eddy Connors

6+ years of product experience, award-winning filmmaker


2x founder, high-achieving academic, natural leader


3x founder, 20+ years of ops experience, Olympic level athlete


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