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The Goodie Bag Movement

We got tired of overpriced delivery ripping through our wallets, "fast food" ripping through our pants, and unnecessary food waste ripping through our planet. So we decided to change this inefficient system, and connect people to the most affordable options on quality local food while reducing food waste. So next time you're eating out, hop up off your a$$ and go secure a goodie bag!

Our Mission

We exist to help people, our partners, and our planet. 


People shouldn't have to choose between quality and affordable food, so we make it possible to have both.


Our Partners are local shops who we help save money and reach new customers. #EatLocal


Our Planet needs businesses to behave sustainably, so that the generations to come have the water, land, and food necessary to thrive. Our "OG" goodie bags contain food that otherwise would have been wasted, therefore reducing food from landfills and avoiding the consequential greenhouse gas emissions.

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Our Story

Goodie Bag Barchetta-10 (3).jpg

Eddy and Luke with Jesse Jensen, owner of Barchetta Pizza.

 Cofounders Eddy Connors and Luke Siegert originally met at CU Boulder during Eddy's freshman year (after his gap year) and Luke's sophomore year (after he transferred from Montana State University). 


During college, the duo were no strangers to being scrappy, both doing what they could to save some moolah. Eddy slept in the living room his final year to save on rent, and hustled to graduate a year and a half early to save on tuition. Luke worked as a waiter, drove for door-dash, and flipped legos on facebook marketplace.


Between rent, tuition, textbooks, wifi, gas... it was hard to budget for food, and even harder to find time to cook. 

It was during a ten-week startup program that these former college roommates, along with a few other students, ideated what is now Goodie Bag. The marketplace concept was built to address two wicked issues; food waste and food affordability. 

After placing first in the startup program's pitch competition, the duo created a modest first iteration of the platform and launched it in January of 2023 at the local pizzeria Luke worked at, Barchetta. With one partner and a couple dozen customers, they saw immediate traction. Barchetta was listing their surplus lunch slices as “goodie bags” and sure enough, local people were buying them at half the price. 


Goodie Bag has since grown to service the Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver communities. With over 50 partnering shops we've been able to prevent over 5,000 goodie bags from being wasted while feeding over 1,500 people! 

The team upgraded tremendously with the addition of Briana Boehmer, who first heard about Goodie Bag while teaching at CU Boulder, and joined full-time shortly after.

Our Team

A couple of recent grads and a college professor.

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Briana Boehmer

Luke Siegert

Eddy Connors

Born in Chicago, raised in Boulder. Luke is a guitar playing film lover.


Born and raised in Westchester, NY. Eddy is a cold-plunging, big cheesin' personality.


Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Bri is a marathon-running dog lover.


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