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Goodie Bag Partner FAQs

We're here to help :)

Use the partner help center to find solutions to your platform problems and learn about existing features.

How to list a goodie bag

1. Begin by accessing the "Listing" page and press the big red "+" button 

2. Select the quanitity of bags you wish to list. All bags within a single listing will have the same size, pickup window and dietary preferences. 

3. Select the size of the bag (big or small). These sizes correlate with the prices that we're decided during the sign up process. 

4. Select a pickup window. This is the period of time you allow customers to pick up their goodie bags from your shop. The beginning of the pickup window will always default to the current time, making the bag "ready now". You can adjust either time to choose your preferred time and even list bags for the next day by using the "today/tomorrow" widget. 

5. Choose your dietary preferences if applicable. This step is optional but will open up your bags to a wider range of customers. 

6. After entering the previous information press "list bag" to make your goodie bag available to customers in the area. Customers will receive a notification once you list so make sure the contents of the goodie bag won't be used in store. 

7. Once you list you'll see your bag appear under "manage bags". Once the bag is purchased, the listing will move below the "upcoming" section with he customer's name and confirmation code, ensuring a smooth and accurate customer pickup. 

How to invite managers or employees to manage your Goodie Bag account

1. On the "Profile" page, scroll down to the "Add Manager" section

2. Press the red "+" button

3. Enter the email address of the manager you wish to invite to the platform. This is the email they'll use to sign in. 

4. Press "add manager"

5. Complete the process by updating your profile 

The manager will receive an email invitation to create their own Goodie Bag partner profile and will now have access to the account to list and manager bags. 

How to add shop locations 

1. On the "Profile" page press the "Add location" button in the top right corner.

2. Fill out the new shop's information like you did for your original account. If the added location has the same name, include a separate street name in the "shop name" section.

3. Once you've finished setting up the new account scroll down and press the "add location" button at the bottom of the screen. 

Use the shop selector sub-menu on the left side of your screen to switch accounts from location to location. Once you have switched, you can use the listing page to post bags at your new location. 

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